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Choose the Safer Option With Wet Blasting

There are a number of factors to consider when seeking to remove paints, coatings and other contaminants from a surface, Such as the profile required ,site limiting factors and protection of materials not to be blasted .IBlastUPaint uses wet blasting in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast which combines the added element of water to traditional abrasive blasting techniques and results in a dustless process.

Benefits of wet abrasive blasting

When considering which method to choose to best strip away paint and rust, the ideal option is one which is efficient and has as little safety liabilities as possible.

No harmful dust clouds

The added benefit of the water is that it suppresses the ambient dust and prevents harmful clouds from being inhaled through flimsy paper masks. This also increases the operator’s visibility and safety and ensures you’re not left cleaning dust off your car or yard.

More money in your pocket

This method is much more cost effective than traditional sandblasting and provides you with value for money. You still receive quality results, without forking out the higher costs of soda blasting or other more harmful methods.

Improved surface quality

Wet abrasive blasting cleans on a much deeper level and thoroughly strips materials down to the bare metal. The finished product is left free of contamination and embedment, making for a superior clean.


Resulting in a large number of grains impacting with the surface, cleaning rates are improved and productivity is enhanced. Our trained professionals are qualified to use this technique efficiently for the best results in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

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