Dustless Abrasive Blasting! We work where others can't.

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We service industry including:


  • Crack testing lifting equipment
  • Drill rigs
  • Mining machinery repaint
  • Safety etching to ceramic tile walkways

Car Enthusiasts

  • Rust and paint stripping of hotrods
  • Cleaning to rebuild engine components
  • Restore classic vehicles

Pool Restoration

  • Reseal, repair and refurbish old pools by stripping old seal coats to create new linings.
  • Clean or etch paving for safety.

Shop Fitters

  • Ceramic tile etching, remove old glue, painted lines from concrete floors.
  • Clean mould, stains, soot, oil, grease from surfaces.
  • Etch prepare for ceramic tiling.

Historic Building Refurbishment

  • We strip and gently rejuvenate the facades of stone buildings and churches.
  • We remove mould, soot and oxidization.
  • We work on masonry, stone and brick to remove stains, grease and bird excreta.

Civil Engineering

  • Road line removal without damage to asphalt,
  • Concrete etching decoration to pathways.
  • Cement cleaning, scouring surface joins in concrete pours to ensure a seal.
  • Cleaning of cement splatter from Formwork moulds.
  • Preparing earthmoving machinery, dredges, pipelines for paint – removing rust and scale efficiently.

Councils and Government

  • Efficient removal of graffiti from concrete timber, stone, brick, masonry and rubber matting used for soft fall play areas, without damage.

House Painting Contractors

Preparation the hardest part?  We take the pain out! And get you painting faster.

Save time and your back on -

  • Grinding and sanding
  • Complete prep for all those intricate, hard to get at corners

Safer method -

  • Remove lead paint safely
  • Reliable clean up
  • No damage to the timber cladding
  • Remove only the paint layers you want
  • Complete or partial strip

Boat builders and Marine Slipways

  • Safe removal of anti-foal paint, rust, coatings, marine growth, barnacles without damage to the gel coat primer layer.
  • We can work on boats and all structures made of wood, steel, aluminium and cement.

Equipment Sales and Refinishing

  • Quick prep for repaints to machines – repaints in same day turnaround.
  • We are mobile and come to you…
  • No mess to other machines parked near.
  • No damage to bearings and seals.
  • In your workshop or in your yard – no transport to bring to us.
  • Bear metal or just an oxidation strip – your choice.

Earthmoving machines and trucks

  • Pre-paint preparation stripping rust, grime, grease, without damage to bearings.
  • Remove cement splatter from concrete trucks and pumps.

Welding and Engineering Shops

  • Rust, paint coating removal prior to welding repairs.
  • Pre-paint service for powder coating.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly and efficient way to get the job done.
  • We can work close to your welders without dust or safety issues, increasing your workshop productivity.