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Hire a Safe Paint Stripping Alternative to Soda Blasting

Only choose the best paint stripper in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Surat Basin and Wide Bay.

You don’t want paint stripping to be done by just anybody, as they may end up causing more damage. Searching for a paint stripper service to refinish your surface might seem difficult at first if you are looking for a good alternative to sandblasting and soda blasting in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Fortunately, we at IBlastUPaint offer such a service and can prepare your surface for new paint easily and efficiently.

Why choose us over traditional mobile soda blasting

We utilise recycled glass blasting that is safe for your surface and does not release dust. Not only is our service more cost-effective and efficient than mobile soda blasting in Brisbane, but it’s also safer for the surface and for the environment. Whether you are in Gold Coast, Surat Basin or Wide Bay, our dustless blasting is a paint stripper you can rely on.

If you are repainting your old home in the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane areas, we can help you take the paint off in a way that will not result in dangerous residue or trips to the chiropractor. When paint becomes old and begins chipping, your home might look worse from the outside than it really is. With the help of IBlastUPaint’s mobile dustless blasting, you can transform your older home into a gem that looks brand new.

Increase Brisbane home value and sales price

A paint stripper who utilises mobile dustless blasting saves you more money than the more dangerous soda blasting and can also increase your home value. A nice-looking home will be more appealing to prospective buyers. Fixing your home up to be sold can be stressful, but IBlastUPaint can relieve you from the duty of performing the blasting yourself. Make the refinishing process easier for yourself by relying on professionals who possess the latest technology in dustless blasting. Using a paint stripper in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Surat Basin and Wide Bay that uses recycled glass blasting will set your mind at ease when it comes to refurbishing a surface. We are committed to assisting you in every way possible on the job site and ensure that everything is damage-free and clean.

Our frequently asked questions

Many questions about our mobile dustless blasting are addressed at our FAQ page. Our paint stripper process is detailed more accurately on this page as understandably, many people have questions about how it works. Take a look at our website and our services before calling for a quote or advice. If you are in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or elsewhere, be assured that many common questions are answered at our page.

We cannot directly use dustless blasting on glass, chrome, softwood (commonly windows) or stainless steel, but most other surfaces can benefit from the technique. Don’t worry about rust issues after our service — on metal should be etch primed immediately. Glass is an inert substance that does not hold moisture unlike soda blasting. Recycled glass left behind will not be an issue for you in Surat Basin or Wide Bay. We leave behind so little clean up that it will take you only a few moments to clear the site. We can even perform the clean-up for you if requested.