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Go With the Dustless Option Over Traditional Sandblasting

Stripping paint or other contaminants from the surface of a material doesn’t have to be hazardous and there are other options available which provide superior health and safety benefits. Choose the alternative to mobile sandblasting in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Surat Basin and Wide Bay

In the modern day, you can find mobile dustless blasting that is much safer for the environment and less toxic than mobile sandblasting. This is due to the fact that sandblasters in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane can damage the surface due to the abrasiveness of the material.

Advantages we offer over sandblasting

With the services of IBlastUPaint on your side, a business located in Queensland that specialises in mobile dustless blasting, you can refinish your surface without the potential dangers from mobile sandblasting. We do not use sand blasting or soda blasting because those techniques are expensive and take longer or are not approved environmentally. We want to save you time and money with eco-friendly dustless blasting that will keep your surfaces looking the best they can.

As we are mobile, IBlastUPaint can serve you in Surat Basin, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane and elsewhere. For large contracts, we can travel to anywhere you need — even to islands. Complete your painting or project much faster with the assistance of IBlastUPaint.

Gentle handling of base surfaces

Mobile sandblasting is harsh and may warp your base surface with excess heat. This will make it more difficult to paint or may structurally damage the surface in other ways. Our dustless blasting uses recycled glass granules, which are much softer than sand. The base is cleaned without scuffing or damaging the surface. Additionally, no heat is generated by the recycled glass media, which helps to avoid warping. You won’t need to worry about the glass residue left behind after the blasting process. It is non-toxic and is considered neutral. In fact, the substance you are removing, such as lead paint, is more of an environmental concern than the glass.

A better mobile option in Brisbane

If you’re looking for mobile sandblasting, consider a better alternative in our recycled glass blasting services. Not only will you save cash, but we will work efficiently with the ability to travel to your site. Never again do you have to encounter sand blasting or soda blasting to refinish your surface in the central Queensland region. Remove paint adhesion from base metals in an easier way than you thought possible, with no damage to your back.

Mobile to Your Site

A great benefit of IBlastUPaint’s service is that we are mobile and can travel nearly anywhere for a large project. If needed, we can travel for a small project, though it may save you travel fees if you bring the surface to our base at Woombye. For those smaller jobs, our mobile dustless blasting technology can be transported throughout central Queensland to areas like Surat Basin and Wide Bay.

In the major hubs around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, we can arrive at your site quickly, no matter the size of the project. The next time you are thinking about hiring sandblasters in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, think about IBlastUPaint instead. With our cost-effective, efficient and eco-friendly services, you won’t have to resort to sand blasting or other abrasive and damaging types of methods instead. Repurpose your surface for painting in a way that is safe for both you and your surface.