Dustless Abrasive Blasting! We work where others can't.

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Mining and Industry

Our new Dustless Blasting technique replaces sandblasting for mining equipment maintenance and repairs.

Check out our “Why Dustless Blasting?” page, for what sets us apart from old fashioned sand blasting.

Our cost effective operations will remove –

  • Oil surface contamination for welding 
  • Rust stains
  • Oxidisation or acid residues
  • Old protective  coatings and paint
  • Soot, coal dust deposits

Dustless glass blasting addresses the special needs of the mining, refinery and pipeline industries.

Advantages for greater safety requirements -

  • No chemicals used
  • Recycled bottle glass as the blast media is safe to the environment (inert)
  • Less risk to workers eyes and lungs on site
  • No safety risk to onlooking personnel

Reduce maintenance downtime -

  • Our dustless blasting allows other trades to continue to work in the vicinity without respiratory safety concerns or contamination nuisance caused from dust and waste
  • Easier to clean up if required, as little drift occurs
  • Very efficient onsite process. Little wasted time for us to prepare for our work

Quality preparation for inspection and repair trades

  • We can reach the hard to prepare areas that hand prep is impossible
  • No scouring of the metal surface reserves the metal quality of the product being welded or inspected
  • No contamination of the metal surface affecting weld standard

Our service is very efficient for -

  • Preparation etching of poured joins in formed concrete to enable workers to obtain a seal
  • Anti-slip etching of ceramic tiles on walk ways
  • Pre-weld or paint to structural steel/pipelines etc
  • Cleaning pipeline connections and fittings to assemble components
  • Preparation of earth moving machinery for painting
  • Inspection testing for cracking in platform drilling rigs/draglines/lifting or craning equipment