Dustless Abrasive Blasting! We work where others can't.

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Dustless Blasting – Speed of paint preparation with greater accuracy and quality control.

Are you hand grinding your anti-foul jobs?

Taking forever to complete?

Sore back?

Grit in your eyes?

Welding preparation a pain?

There's got to be an easier way?


Call us… we have the solution for –

Boats, ships, barges, dredges, pipelines, bridges, gangways, landings, pumps and parts, any marine applications.

Advantages of using I Blast U Paint on your next hull anti-foul strip –

  • Gel coating remains intact while we just remove the old anti foul paint layers
  • Barnacle and other marine growth deposits stripped efficiently
  • Can remove mould, soot, rust without paint damage
  • Increase the productivity of your boat yard
  • Reduce the delay time of boats on your slipway
  • Continue your work on other boats in your yard while we are stripping for you
  • Reduce your customers slipway hire costs and gain price advantage for your quotes

Advantages over sand blasting –

  • No dust
  • More control over the process - better quality job
  • Less health and safety issues
  • More efficient
  • Less clean up
  • Smoother surface preparation increases your painting quality.

Helping you in your business –

  • We come mobile to you as you need us
  • Can do jobs “on the water”
  • Can set up in a remote location with notice
  • Reliable – your business can’t wait and we want your repeat work
  • Fixed quotes – no surprises
  • Less clean up
  • Careful not to contaminate the environment