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Your Comprehensive Lead Based Paint Removal Service in Brisbane

We use environmentally sensitive chemical stripper without creating dust contamination to complete the job.

Homes built before 1970 contained a high degree of lead. This was for colour pigmentation and better application by brush. Be aware that if your home was painted before 1980 (some years after as well) a dangerous health hazard from lead based paint is probably present in your Brisbane home and requires removal.

Paint since 1992 typically has 0.1% lead, down from 50% levels pre 1965. It is impossible to identify purely by sight. If you notice a pink or red primer though, this is a clear indication of its presence. If unsure Call us to test it.

Prior to removal, lead testing should be conducted on the paint at your Brisbane home

As it is often found in your doors, window frames, wall cladding, skirting boards, gutters, facia boards and many other places, this testing is a vital part of the process.

The danger of lead based paint is elevated with children, with severe detrimental effects to their brain and organ development. Exposure to the chemical by ingestion or breathing will harm health of children / adults and pets alike. Government have even ensured that it is removed from our petrol, so the risks to public health are taken seriously.

Did you know that dust and lead paint flakes actually taste sweet? We know that from baby age, children will taste everything they pick up they put in their mouth! This is why they acquire a taste for this contaminant. Without professional removal from your property, the risk of high exposure and poisoning is almost certain.

If you’re pregnant or breast feeding, do not be exposed to the harmful dust: don’t risk your developing baby.

Risk to the health of your family, neighbours and pets can happen without even knowing it. Steps must be taken when stripping or sanding, to avoid harmful flakes and dust particles being released into the air or contamination of soil on site. The neighbours’ properties also need to be considered. You don't want the clean-up bill!

Choose our Brisbane business for effective removal of all paint that’s lead based

Long term exposure to the potential dangers of someone inhaling or digesting these particles. Even the smallest amount of dust or chips that contain lead can be a cause chronic health problems. Paint flakes and dust particles can remain on surfaces in your home or soil years after your painting project has been completed. Prior to starting a painting project, we test your home and quote removal only using our safe chemical stripper and scraping service. 

Yes...you can do it yourself, but be careful. Many Commercially available strippers can be very dangerous to breathe and a severe toxic waste problem to dispose. Thinking of vacuum sanding? You need a "H" Class hepa vac and even then, dust will escape...Good luck with that one, it's not worth the liability.

Disposal - We clean up from your home, we take away and dispose to be environmentally responsibly. Our methods leave us with a non toxic problem.

Your (Worksafe approved) removal options -

  1. Heat gun and scraping. Comment - very time consuming. Fire risk behind stud walls.
  2. Vacumm sanding. Comment - need expensive "H Class" Hepa vac and specialist tools. Hard to get at edges and corners. Escaping dust impossible to avoid .
  3. Chemical stripper and scraping. Comment - Can be toxic and dangerous to health if incorrect chemical used. Could have toxic waste to clean up or avoid environmental damage. 
  4. Do nothing and paint over. Comment - Cant if feeling . Just hides the problem for another day .  

We specialise in -

  • Safe removal from your home in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. We do not sand/grind or abrasive blast where lead based paint is present, to avoid contamination to the rest of your property or neighbours.
  • Stripping paint carefully from Asbestos Non fibrous sheeting (where it’s not economic to remove the asbestos)
  • Testing on site and providing sample testing by laboratory when required.
  • Clean up of existing sites and decontaminating.
  • Dustless blasting throughout many areas surrounding Brisbane
Call us today on 0412 895 351 to arrange a quote. We don't use abrasive blast house cladding to avoid dust and blasting to timber generally leaves a scoured profile to the surface.