Dustless Abrasive Blasting! We work where others can't.

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Factories and Weld Shops

Calling factories, welding/engineering shops -

Try our Dustless Glass Blasting next time a customer wants a rusty product repair.

Out-dating sandblasting for preparation of maintenance/repair to steel products.

To make your welding look pretty and strong we can cost effectively strip -

  • Oil surface contamination
  • Rust, mill oil, slag ,
  • Old coatings/paint
  • Soot, and soil deposits

Yes, we can blast near your other workers, so increasing workshop productivity and making you $$$

No Dust!!!!!!!  Water through our machine vaporises moments after attaching to particles of waste, which drops harmlessly.

We can prepare intricate items that hand prep makes is impossible.

No scouring of the metal surface.

No contamination of the metal surface affecting your weld standard or paint adherence.