Dustless Abrasive Blasting! We work where others can't.

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Dustless Blasting – The Method to Fix Stains and Cement Splatter

Useful for -

  • Formwork projects
  • Rectifying concrete pour blow outs 
  • Cleaning concrete trucks and machinery
  • Rejuvenating precast concrete / injection molds
  • Hardwood wall stains on building sites
  • Fire insurance claims/removing soot
  • Cooking smells from fat imbedded into walls and ceilings
  • Removing pigeon poo and nesting waste
  • Stripping wasp and vermin nests
  • Motor Oil stains to floors
  • Rejuvenating hard surfaces to look like new again

No Dust created in the process. Suitable for internal building repairs.

No Damage to underlying substrates being cleaned.

No Chemicals, non-toxic.

Advantages -

  • We are mobile to your site
  • Can work on scaffold or heights
  • Fixed quotes or metre rates for account holders
  • Little time on clean up, where required
  • Environmentally safe
  • No risk to workers health

Benefits customers appreciate -

  • Vast time savings
  • Save money rebuilding if we can fix it
  • Complete effective cleaning of detailed moldings
  • No risks associated with chemical agents
  • Our price for what we achieve for you