Dustless Abrasive Blasting! We work where others can't.

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Car and Machine Dustless Blasting

Welcome to the latest technology in dustless blasting, using recycled glass, glass beads or plastic particles (for delicate work).

We save you:

  • Time,
  • Aggravation sanding by hand,
  • Your back,
  • Scratching your head how to strip fiddly locations, and
  • Exposure to nasty chemicals.

Preparation solutions to pre-paint:

  • Car restorations
  • Classic vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Hotrods
  • Engine components and parts
  • Earthmoving machines
  • Concrete trucks and pumps
  • Any equipment you have!

We perform for you, while you continue in your workshop:

  • Rust stripping to bear metal
  • Paint removal
  • Remove cement splatter
  • Clean grime and grease.


  • Heat warping of panels
  • Sand blasting
  • Sand residual left in crevices
  • Affecting paint manufacturer warrantee
  • Scoring the metal surface
  • Damage to bearings
  • Contaminating your workshop

See it in action!

View the videos on this page to see how well dustless blasting works on preparing vehicles for paint.