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Get Quality Abrasive Blasting in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Surat Basin and Wide Bay

If you desire restoration or refurbishment to areas around for your valuables or to remove signs of vandalism, IBlastUPaint is the premier source of dustless blasting in the Gold Coast area. With our dustless abrasive blasting, we can remove mould, soot stains, graffiti, rust stains and more. Why buy a new item when you can have it refinished for a cost-effective price? We proudly provide a reliable service that will help your business or facade look like new and can help with everything from ceramic tiles to brickwork, hard rubber, structural steel and more. Other services may use sandblasting, which can damage surfaces, but our method is environmentally friendly. Whether you are located in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Surat Basin or Wide Bay, IBlastUPaint can travel to you and solve your refinishing problems.

Experience Mobile Dustless Blasting

We can help with your abrasive blasting in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay, Surat Basin, and elsewhere in central Queensland. We can rejuvenate the facades of stone buildings, churches and historical monuments, repair graffiti or prepare for new shop fit out. You will save money by investing in our services rather than buying new items. We can completely strip intricate mouldings and prepare your surface for painting if you need, otherwise, you can rely on IBlastUPaint for your refinishing and refurbishing services. This especially comes in handy after you experience graffiti – sometimes, the paint is difficult to remove and you may become frustrated trying to fix the vandalising. IBlastUPaint is there to apply our innovative and effective technique to the surface and remove the paint as quickly as possible. Our new technologies are vastly superior to traditional sandblasting and soda blasting. Stripping lead paint has never been safer with IBlastUPaint, and you can count on us to fix your problems in an effective, reliable fashion.

Be Kind to the Environment

Sandblasting and soda blasting are harmful to the environment, and if you’d like a more environmental method, dustless abrasive blasting technology is the way to go. Now, you will not experience any environmental fallout when you ask us to help refurbish or refinish a surface. In Brisbane, Wide Bay, Gold Coast, and Surat Basin, you can ask IBlastUPaint to assist with stripping cement splatter, lead paint, sealants, rust, mould and even wood. This is all completed carefully and with little mess. Most importantly, there will be no damage to the surface or to your health due to toxic chemicals.

Call us on 0412 895 351 to find out more information. Whether you’re in mining, civil engineering or working in a weld shop, you can benefit from IBlastUPaint’s safe service in refinishing and refurbishing. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote today to refurbish your surface before you invest in a new one that may become damaged again later on. Choose the cost-effective strategy, but most importantly, understand that you can count on IBlastUPaint for your refinishing in central Queensland.